set and costume design

katie lias

'Address Unknown' by Kathrine Kressman Taylor

"The coup de grâce is Katie Lias’s simple set: both men correspond from their studies, but while Martin’s is all art deco, with a dark wood aesthetic, Max’s, though superficially similar, is stylishly modernist. It’s another subtle touch in a production that takes on profoundly disturbing issues with elegance and understatement."

- Time Out ****



"Two very strong actors [are] given space to work by Steve Marmion's unobtrusive direction and Katie Lias's excellent set."

- One Stop Arts *****



"...supported by Katie Lias’s evocative set, the clash of cultures [is] represented by the juxtaposition between gleaming Art Deco prosperity and the embrace of wood-panelled tradition."

- Bargain Theatreland

full set 3


Steve Marmion


Lighting Designer:

Katharine Williams



Soho Theatre

Photographer: Simon Kane