set and costume design

katie lias

'My Brother, My Sister and Me', by Sarah Argent


Sarah Argent



Polka Theatre


Lighting Designer:

Aaron J Dootson



Ellie Kurttz

"we're in a lovely bedroom

with sparkly carpets and beatifully painted trees on the walls...designed with class by Katie Lias"

- The Guardian


"an impressive set...Designer Katie Lias has created a lovely, highly detailed set of the children’s bedroom. The same carpet covers both the stage and the sitting area and has the effect of extending the acting space beyond the stage. Sitting on the floor of the theatre we are sitting on the floor of the siblings’ bedroom."


MyBrotherMySister-and-ME-123 MyBrotherMySister-and-ME-032 MyBrotherMySister-and-ME-220-C2