set and costume design

katie lias

'The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde', by Robert Louis Stevenson, adapted by Glyn Maxwell


Psyche Stott



Paul Bayes Kitcher


Lighting Designer:

Neill Brinkworth


Sound Designer:

Adrienne Quartly






Mark McNulty


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"you're immediately drawn into this atmospheric play by the incredible sound and set design... the costumes, of which more later, are a feast for the eyes"

- North West End UK ****


"The themes of light and darkness are mirrored in Neill Brinkworth’s lighting design, and designer Katie Lias’ spare staging which mixes sooty Victorian brickwork with flashes of illumination"

- The Stage ****


"a simple yet intriguing stage design of glowing copper pipes, Victorian lamps and secret passages"

- Opening Night


"The set design is almost another changing character, there are no set changes but at one moment we are in a cold, damp laboratory, then the dangerous streets of Victorian London, next a warm welcoming house and at one point an imagined lecture hall. The changes are fluid and you know exactly where you are in each case, a very well used stage"

- The Chester Blog

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