set and costume design

katie lias

'Macbeth', by William Shakespeare

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Macbeth_Watermill Theatre LtoR Emma McDonald, Mike 029_Watermill Theatre Macbeth_Pamela Raith Photogr


Paul Hart


Lighting Designer:

Tom White


Projection Designer:

Louise Rhoades - Brown



Watermill Theatre



Pamela Raith



"Katie Lias' terrific design (with

proceedings taking place in a burnt

out husk of a stage) is marked by an

adaptability that allows the intimate

space to be transformed into various

locales with minimal effort"

- Daily Info Oxford



"Drawing on Jazz Age decadence

and gothic opulence, Katie Lias’ dark,

kaleidoscopic design imagines Glamis

as a burned-out hotel, all bullet-riddled

brickwork and flickering signage... it

congeals into an appealingly

unwholesome whole."

-The Stage ****



"Lias' reimagining of the Watermill's

space as a sinister sleazy hotel,

possibly a bordello, run by the

Macbeths. With dark humour, the

entry is dominated by a neon sign

where O and T short out at key

moments, leaving it reading H—EL."

- WhatsOnStage ****


"I always look forward to the transformation

of the Watermill for every play and the set

for Macbeth does not disappoint."

-Sardines Review *****






Macbeth at The Watermill Theatre. Members of Water 081_Watermill Theatre Macbeth_Pamela Raith Photogr 077 edit Macbeth at The Watermill Theatre. Emma McDonald, B 065_Watermill Theatre Macbeth_Pamela Raith Photogr Macbeth at The Watermill Theatre. Billy Postlethwa 062_Watermill Theatre Macbeth_Pamela Raith Photogr 073_Watermill Theatre Macbeth_Pamela Raith Photogr