set and costume design

katie lias

joe egg4

"The best moment of the night by far is an underwater scene, where Katie Lias' costumes come in to their own"

- 'Cinderella' review in WhatsOnStage (Costume Designer)


"Pitch-perfect staging and costuming"

- 'deadkidsongs' review in The Stage (Costume Designer)


"The coup de grâce is Katie Lias’s simple set"

- 'Address Unknown' review in Time Out


"The characters look just right in their purple cords and knitwear as they drive another nail in the heart of Seventies nostalgia."

- 'deadkidsongs' review in The Times (Costume Designer)


"brilliantly designed setting"

- 'Journey's End' review in Daily Info Oxford


"Designer Katie Lias' set has been created with flawless attention to detail"

- 'Journey's End' review on The Good Review


"Katie Lias's excellent set"

- 'Address Unknown' review in One Stop Arts


"Katie Lias gets full marks for her imaginative set"

- 'The Addams Family' review in Musical Theatre Review


“The site-specific concept (designer Katie Lias) is one hundred per cent appropriate to the last feather, shiny white tile or human chop. Lias combines simplicity with subtlety in all her choices with great skill.”

- ‘Tinderbox’ review on


"Designer Katie Lias has done a remarkable job"

- 'The Lower Depths' review on Remotegoat